Executive Search - An overview

Executive Search is one of the key global professional services, which maintains international code of conduct. The processes involves searches for the senior executives ‘crème-de-la-crème” i.e the candidates are professional experts with rich experience and mostly are amongst those, who are not necessarily seeking a job change. Hence it requires clear understanding of clients' business needs as well as their culture, organizational structure & long term objectives to identify the “right fit”.
An extensive research, professional connections & business referrals are the keys to identify, reach & assess a universe of competent candidates. The executive search industry is continually evolving and the increasing global nature of the business aligned to the quantum leap in technology, has meant that anyone involved in this sector has to be aware of its processes.
In retained executive search, consultants endeavour to provide qualified candidates for clients who wish to fill senior-level positions. Although contractual obligations exist only between the search firm and client, search consultants also build professional and ethical relationships with candidates, whom they may remain in contact with over a period of years.
Our code of conduct at Talent Transmission Managment makes it mandatory for us to understand our responsibility towards our candidates & ensure the protection of their rights by maintaining confidentiality, transparency, timely communication & feedback, professional treatment & above all, a trusting relationship.

Our Search Methodology ( PDCA )

A well documented Assignment Brief which forms the basis of our communication to candidates.
A detailed evaluation report capturing the requisite experience profile, functional expertise and managerial competencies.
Identifying search domain for potential candidates and defining our focused search area.

A focused industry search to identify potential candidates which is documented in the form of a search report.
Conduct interviews with the aim of evaluating functional expertise as well as managerial competencies.
Exhaustive informal chats with potential candidate to understand aspirations and true motivation for change.
Necessary reference checks with credible industry sources.

Casting is very important & informal process of establishing emotional connect between company & candidate. If done seamlessly candidate has 90% strike rate in the interview process.

Constant monitoring of candidate to iron out glitches in the process of resignation, relocation and joining. This is a very critical stage, where T2M don the role of counselors.
Facilitating smooth induction in the client organisation.