T2M is a strategic partner for managing complex processes that directly impact the clients’ bottom-line. An end-to-end solution approach to service delivery, technology based solutions and a client-centric client-partner approach enable us to deliver business value to many small and mid sized companies. We are passionate about building an organisation that is valued by our clients, employees, business partners and the community at large. Our management team comprises accomplished professionals from leading national and multinational organisations. Each member brings deep business acumen and outsourcing domain expertise, which enables our clients to OUTPERFORM .

process outsourcing services truly improve business performance only when they are combined with industry intimacy. We have built strong capabilities in industries such as warehousing, logistics, engineering . We match capabilities of our employees with clients’ requirements by putting our employees through trainings and certifications.

As a outsourcing service provider, it is important to establish a seamless structure where there is alignment of interests between the provider and the client. At T2M the interplay of quality, satisfaction and economics is managed thoughtfully and aggressively through contracts, which balance ownership and control with risk and reward. We structure financial models that best respond to the stage of the relationship—transition, stabilisation, continuous improvement—and our clients’ goals for the relationship.

Process outsourcing Process outsourcing services need to have instant delivery capabilities, often with proximity to clients’ key business units. The T2M Delivery Network responds to needs for language, cultural alignment and 24/7 operations. Across our delivery centres employees use common methodologies, tools and assets to deliver services seamlessly to clients.
T2M believes that PO benefits go beyond operational efficiency, merely satisfying service-level agreements and lowering costs. In a dynamic business environment, where increasing globalisation challenges business viability and growth, companies should expect PO service providers to drive greater strategic effectiveness and business value beyond the scope of the agreement. T2M is geared to offer clients what they need in this current business environment with flexibility and innovation in pricing and engagement models.