Statutory Compliance Services

Complying with statutory and legal norms is imperative for businesses worldwide and in India it is no different. As an employer, you not only need to remain 100% legally compliant but also stay attuned to the ever changing statutory environment. This calls for valuable time, effort and resource allocation, which otherwise can be spared to focus more on your core competency.
Smart corporates are finding T2M ‘s Statutory Compliance Services an ideal solution. At T2M, we can ensure that you stay at the right side of all your statutory and legal requirements and remain 100% legally compliant. We basically work with 2 models;
Onsite: In this we depute our representative at your factory/office site at regular intervals so that he completes the necessary formalities towards various compliances. Advantage of this module is; you can have personal supervision of this person and also can set your expectations right. One more advantage is there is no need of taking your confidential records out of your premises.
Offsite: This service is provided to very small organizations where they lack of basic infrastructure like space , manpower etc. Here entire work is processed at T2M office only.
We have specialization in:
• PF
• Gratuity
• Pension
• Superannuation
• Shops & Establishment
• Factory Compliances